Our philosophy 

  Hughman Solicitor LLP is a leading multi-disciplinary set with a proud reputation for being professional, approachable and modern. Our Members enjoy busy and varied practices; collectively they have an enviable back catalogue of high-profile and complex matters such as the Damilola Taylor murder trial, the Luton Slavery Trial and the Jimmy Savile Enquiry. They have appeared at every level including in the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. Individually they are all highly regarded and respected by their peers and the judiciary. The Head of Chambers, Karl Grant QC, leads Chambers with professionalism and pride; under his stewardship Chambers has quickly grown to become a powerhouse set enjoying continued expansion without compromising on quality or integrity. In addition to traditional advocacy and advisory services, many Members of Hughmans Solicitor LLP lecture in their respective field of expertise and are published authors, including contributors to practitioner texts.
In addition, many of our Members sit on committees including the executive of the Criminal Bar Association and are advocacy trainers, demonstrating our commitment to the profession and nurturing talent. Our ethos is simple; to uphold the greatest traditions of the Bar namely professionalism, integrity, independence and commitment.
    As a firm, it is our belief that many aspects of today’s legal landscape require a keen understanding as well as knowledge of the law; accordingly, we offer solutions to the often complex arrays of regulations and requirements that confront the business client globally hereby creating conducive legal environments for our clients to achieve their goals.
    Professionalism, flexibility and innovation are the hallmark of our practice. We value professional excellence, outstanding result and realize they both require creativity and hard work. With over 125 years of combined partnership practice experience, we strive to gain every legal advantage for our clients while upholding the principles behind our guiding goal of PEOPLE, INTEGRITY and SERVICE as a driving force steering our entire practice.